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Youth Center Detailed Breakdown

Spring Fest


David - Pasture to Palace - Sermon 1


Spring Fest inflatables


 Order of Service is the same as usual

Week 1 (April 23rd)


David - Pasture to Palace - Sermon 2


Snowball battle 


  The snowball battle is dodgeball but with snowballs. Split the room into two teams. Make a boundary for each team and some obstructions to use as shields (tables or chairs). Once a person gets hit anywhere on their body, including their head, they are out. They must leave the battle zone and line up on the side. If you call jailbreak, they can all go back in. A team wins will all the opposing players are knocked out. Once you win, switch sides. Call jail break plenty of times during one round to ensure nobody gets bored. You could play boys vs. girls after you have a clear winning team. 

Order of Service

Week 2 (April 30th)


David - Pasture to Palace - Sermon 3


Activity: Dragon Dodgeball 

Pick 4 people to start the dragon. They will put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. Everyone else will stand in a circle around them. There will be one foam ball and everyone will take turns trying to hit the last person in the dragon. If they hit the last person they will become the head of the dragon. 

Now the rest of the dragon can block the last person with their bodies. This is a great way to have the kids sacrifice themselves for a friend. If it is too hard to hit the end of the dragon you may introduce an additional ball.

Order of Service

Week 3 (May 7th)


David - Pasture to Palace - Sermon 4


Activity: Pillowcase Volleyball

 Set up the pop-up net. Have teams of 2 grab a pillowcase and make sure there is an even amount on either side of the net. You will play this game just like volleyball however you can only touch the ball with your pillowcase. 

Order of Service

Week 4 (May 14th)


David - Pasture to Palace - Sermon 5

Activity: Blowdart Castle Knockdown

Set up 2-4 castles (15 red solo cups) in the room's corners on tables. Place a hula hoop in the center of the room with Earplugs(ammo) in the center. There will be tape on the floor dividing the room into quarters. 

Each team will have 5 shooters and the rest will be blockers/ ammo collectors. Each team cannot leave its quadrant. If they cross the line they have to sit out for 30 seconds.  Have a leader yell go and everyone runs to get ammo from the center. They will try to knock down all the cups off the tables with the ammo collected. 

After 2 minutes yell stop. The team with the most left on the table wins. Everyone goes to the back of the line. Make 4 new teams with those who have been waiting. Collect all of the ammo and put it back into the center hula hoop. Then do it all over again. Encourage the team that is out to cheer on their friends.

Order of Service

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