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Youth Center Detailed Breakdown

Week 1 (April 7th)


Daniel - Power Over Peer Pressure - Sermon 1

Activity: Extreme Snowball Battle 


  The snowball battle is dodgeball but with snowballs. Split the room into two teams. Make a boundary for each team and some obstructions to use as shields (tables or chairs). During the Battle they can go anywhere in the room. Once a person gets hit anywhere on their body, including their head, they are out. They must leave the battle zone and line up on the side. For jailbreak, they can all go back in. To get a jailbreak they must make 3 snowballs into the bucket hanging from the basketball hoop. A team wins when all the opposing players are knocked out. Once you win, switch sides. If no one gets a jailbreak, then the leader can call Jailbreak 2 times so no one gets bored. You could play, boys vs. girls after you have a clear winning team. 

Order of Service

Week 2 (April 14th)


Daniel - Power Over Peer Pressure - Sermon 2


Activity: Neutron Power Source


This game is played like capture the flag with two opposing teams attempting to capture the other teams "Power source" (Snowball on a cone). Make a tape line down the middle of the room to make a Red side and a Blue side. Set up hula-hoops on either side of the arena that are safe zones. For example Blue team can be in the Red team zone INSIDE the safe zone, if they leave the safe zone and get tagged they must move to the jail. they can escape the jail is one of their teammates makes it to the jail then they can free one person from jail and have free passage back to their side. The goal of the game is to capture the other teams power source and move it back to your own side. the first team to score 3 points wins. change side each time a team scores. You can add variations such as, no talking, only walking, or only crawling. 

Order of Service

Week 3 (April 21st)


Daniel - Power Over Peer Pressure - Sermon 3


Activity: 4 Way Tug of War 

Make 4 teams. There will be a square taped to the floor. Each team will grab their designated rope. The ring should start in the middle of the square. On the count of 3 each team will start pulling. The first to get the ring on the outside of their designated side of the square wins. If you have to make more than 4 teams due to the amount of kids. Keep the winning team in and rotate the loosing teams.

Order of Service

SpringFest (April 28th)


Daniel - Power Over Peer Pressure - Sermon 4


The order of Service is the same as usual.

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