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What's up Kid-Min team? What has been taking place in kids ministry? Are we ready for summer? Find out more below.

We had our annual team retreat in Sun Valley, where we pour into the team in heavy doses of prayer, worship, laughter, and some good clean fun. Out of the 36 people who attended, I have been hearing powerful testimonies from the vast majority of them. So many of us are coming back refreshed, refueled, reinvigorated, and closer to fulfilling the vision we all have in Kids Encountering God! 

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See below for a brief overview of the June huddles.

  • Have you looked at your summer scheduling (July 4th B-Week)? Please look ahead and see if there are any conflicts that your room owner will need to be made aware.  

  • Kids camp leader signups are open now! Kids camp is August 9th-13th register by texting LEADER to 208.204.0300.

  • Back to the basics: Please no team members eating in rooms, no peanuts in rooms whatsoever, service coordinators are supposed to be taking children to the restroom, youth are NOT to take children to the restroom outside of Toddler Reef. 

  • Back to the basics 2: Serving in Kids-Ministry is serving Jesus, Matthew 25:40, how would we prepare, and serve in kid-min if we knew Jesus was in the room with us Col 3:17?  

  • Kid-Con is coming up August 16th-20th (during the Days of Heaven conference).

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Thank You Conder Family! 

John, Heather, Zach, Roman, Benjaman, and Victoria, we are so blessed by your decades of service in the Kids ministry. Each one of the Conder family has served in the kid-min over the years. Currently, John (Arctic), Heather (Toddler Reef), and Victoria (Toddler Reef) are still serving, and the kids love them to pieces. The Conder family is an inspiration to many of us with their heart for the kids. They are prompt to the huddles and other room meetings. They show a large amount of preparation to serve, whether it be Wednesday or Sunday. After all this time, they continue doing a great job shining God's light. We love them dearly! If you see any of the Conder family, please show them your appreciation!   

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Below you will find updated serving schedules.

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