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Graduating from Life Bible College in 2019, Kyle found a deep calling for full-time ministry. He has been in ministry for over 12 years while owning and operating many local businesses. His heart and passion is for kids to encounter God in authentic and powerful ways. While ministering to kids, he emphasizes walking in the love of God and being led by the Holy Spirit. He’s been married to his wife Jen for 16 years. Together they have 4 children, (2) boys and (2) girls.

 The vision of the Childrens Director is to develop and maintain a Children's Ministry of Excellence. Our goal is to partner with parents in leading kids to a deeper reveleation of God, as they encounter His word and Holy Spirit fresh each week. This will usher the kids into a lively relationship with their Father that is built in the word and alive in their daily walk. We strive to provide a safe and inviting atmosphere where spiritual and natural connections will thrive. 

 Your child's safety is critically important to us. We have taken great thought to implement safety precautions to protect every kid that walks through the door. All kids are checked in with our secure check-in system and parents receive a check-out slip specific to their family. Additionally, we have a team of ushers that personally check and double-check each room to ensure kids are not accessible to anyone other than those who have the check-out slip. Along with the ushers, we have live camera feeds on monitors in the hallways that are viewable by parents, enabling full transparency. Finally, every volunteer your child comes in contact with has passed a rigorous background check.

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