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5 yrs - Kindergarten | in the Expansion Hallway

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Our Arctic Room goal is to have kids grow in personally knowing, and walking in the love of God. We have a important emphasis on reverencing the Holy things in life versus the common things. We introduce them into a more mature worship style to prepare them for a greater depth of worship in the later grades. We solidify old testament accounts while introducing an integration of new testament realities. The older grades will draw on this foundation of understanding and build upon them. 


We teach using the interactive method therefore the kids are engaged in every service and are modeled how to teach the lost or disengaged. Ultimately, your child will learn bible based old testament accounts, while beginning to distinguish between the Holy and common things in life using the new testament upon graduating the Arctic Room.


Service Times

Sunday | 9:30 | 11:15 a.m. | 1 p.m. (4yr Only)
Wednesday | 7 p.m. (5yr & Kindergarten)

Parents need to know...


Our primary focus is for Arctic Room kids to begin the introduction of a full church service much like the parents have but tailored specifically for kids. In this church service our emphasis is on comprehensive ministering to the kids and less on teaching them information. It's our aim to lead the kids into a God Encounter balanced with the Word and the Holy Spirit. This brings about a genuine relationship with God vs just having information about Him. The benefit of this approach is kids are excited to appropriate the Word of God with the love, and the power Jesus did. In doing this they are applying God's faithful promises for the whole world to see how real, and good He is. Having a lively relationship with God helps kids overcome the hinderances that come at them daily.  


*Please have your child bring their bible if they have one. 



  • Children will be offered Plain Cheerios as a snack.

What we are curently learning:

"Arctic Room Curriculum"

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