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3rd - 5th Grade | in the East Entrance

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Our Clubhouse goal is to have kids grow in personally understanding, and walking in the love of God. It's equally imperative they learn to trust His Word. Clubhouse is a place where your child will make new friends and navigate how to cultivate relationships according to God's word.


Kids will have a blast, not only learning the word of God, but by finding ways to put it into action into their daily lives. We teach using the interactive method therefore the kids are engaged in every service and are modeled how to teach the lost or disengaged. Ultimately, your child will learn how to reach the lost and teach the found with love, and compassion upon graduating the Clubhouse.

Service Times

Sunday | 9:30 | 11:15 a.m.| 1 p.m. (1st & 2nd Grades)
Wednesday | 7 p.m. (3rd - 5th Grades)

Parents need to know...


Our primary focus is for Clubhouse kids to continue in the benefit of a full church service much like the parents have but tailored specifically for kids. In the Clubhouse church service our emphasis is on comprehensive ministering to the kids and less on teaching them information. It's our aim to lead the kids into a God Encounter balanced with the Word and the Holy Spirit. This brings about a genuine relationship with God vs just having information about Him. Our expectation is for the kids to encounter God in life-changing ways in order to testify of those encounters to the lost outside of the church building walls. Having a lively relationship with God helps kids overcome the hinderances that come at them daily and gives them ammunition to reach the lost and teach the found.  

*Please have your child bring their bible if they have one. 

What we are curently learning:

"Clubhouse Curriculum"

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