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We believe it is our commision to spiritually equip parents for the work of discipleship towards their children. We recognize many parents are unsure where to begin with this endeavor due to the paramount nature of raising up a child in the ways of the Lord. Therefore, we have easy to use resources available for you below. These are designed for a parent to build upon what is taught Sunday and Wednesay in each room.


Monday - Wednesday material builds upon Sunday service 

Thursday - Saturday material builds upon Wednesday service 

The Clubhouse-01.png

Clubhouse | 3rd - 5th Grade

Jungle Room-01.png

Jungle Room | 1st - 2nd Grade

Arctic Room-01.png

Arctic Room | 5yrs - Kindergarten

Sahara Room-01.png

Sahara Room | 3yrs - 4yrs

Toddler Reef-01.png

Toddler Reef | 2yrs - 3yrs

Baby Bay-01.png

Baby Bay | 6months - 1yr

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