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Clubhouse 1st and 2nd Grade Detailed Breakdown

Week 1 (April 7th


Daniel - Power Over Peer Pressure - Sermon 1

Activity: 4 Way Tug of War


Make 4 teams. There will be a square taped to the floor. Each team will grab their designated rope. The ring should start in the middle of the square. On the count of 3 each team will start pulling. The first to get the ring on the outside of their designated side of the square wins.  


 Order of Service

Week 2 (April 14th)


Daniel - Power Over Peer Pressure - Sermon 2


Activity: Gaga Ball 

Start the game by tossing the ball in the air and letting it bounce three times, while saying "ga-ga-ball" or "ga-ga-go" as a group. Hit the ball with your hands towards other players, while avoiding being hit yourself. Eliminate players who are hit by the ball below the waist, or who double hit the ball, or who touch the walls or go out of bounds. Continue until only one player remains. 


Order of Service

Week 3 (April 21st)


Daniel - Power Over Peer Pressure - Sermon 3

Activity: Nerf War 


Use the popper blasters and spread the ammo all around the floor to have a nerf war. Spread out obstacles across the floor like chairs and tables for the kids to hide behind during the battle. Split the kids in teams of 2 and the team with the last person standing wins. Switch sides and recycle. 

Order of Service

SpringFest (April 28th)


Daniel - Power Over Peer Pressure - Sermon 4


The order of Service is the same as usual.

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