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Clubhouse Detailed Breakdown



Level Up! - The New Supercharged Creation


Aug 14th

Bucket Ball


  • PLAYING AREA. Set up your playing field by placing a chair on each side of your field.

  • DON’T ENTER HERE. Make a circle around your chair on each end, about 10 feet from the chair in any direction.

  • SEPARATE YOUR TEAMS. Divide your students into two equal teams. Each team must designate a player to be their bucket. They will stand on the chair in the circle on the opposing teams side.

  • GOAL. Ultimate frisbee rules apply, which means if you catch the ball you must stop moving and either pass the ball or shoot. Each team may pass the ball down the court until they are close enough to shoot. The person holding the bucket can move around on the chair to catch the ball. They can only use their hands to hold the bucket, they can’t help the ball in with one hand. If the player on the chair loses balance and falls off the chair, they get no points. No players can enter the circle surrounding the bucket. If the ball lands in the circle, the team who is playing defense may enter to get the ball. Then it becomes their possession. Designate how many points to win before starting the game.

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Level Up! - You Are Complete In Him


Aug 15th

Tricycle Mario Kart

Create a track using cones and chairs. Then create a start/finish line. 

Kids will race karts around the designated track. The first person to complete three laps wins.

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Level Up! - The New Creation Speaks Life



Aug 16th

Dock Games

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Level Up! - Power, Love, And a Sound Mind



Aug 17th

Derby Car Races 

Use the provided cars and tracks and have the kids race. Race tournament style, the winner moves on and keeps racing. Race until you have an ultimate winner. The ultimate winner gets to keep their car as the prize.   

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Level Up! - He Has a Good Plan For You



Aug 18th

Nerf battle w/ Inflatables

Using the provided inflatables in the room to create an arena. 

Separate into teams. Give each child a colored bandana and a popper.

Various Modes:

You can do free for all, Single hit elimination, or capture the flag. Feel free to adapt to what the kids are enjoying!

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