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Youth Center Kid Con Detailed Breakdown



Armor of God - Belt of Truth


Aug 15th - Ping Pong Catapult/Ping Pong Frenzy


 Ping Pong Catapult:

Set up 2 tables and place the catapults on the tables. Make a tape line approx. 10 Ft. away from the tables. Separate the kids into 6 different teams. Give 1 kid from each team a bucket and place them behind the line. First team to catch 3 balls in their bucket wins then rotate a new child into the catcher position.

The person with the bucket can move the bucket to try and catch the ball. They may not cross the line. 

The people launching balls will take 1 shot each and then go to the back of the line. 

Ping Pong Frenzy:

Split into 6 even teams. Place 6 buckets in a large circle to create the playing area. Next, place the bucket filled with all the ping pong balls in the center of your playing area.

 - On “Go,” the first runner from each team will run to the center box and grab one ball and bring it back to their team’s box. Once the ball is in the box the next player can go.

- STRATEGY. This is where the strategy comes into play as the next player can either go to the center to get another ball or can grab a ball from another team’s box. The goal is to be the first team with ten balls in their box. Keep sending one player at a time until this goal is completed, the first team to do this wins!


3 different colors of ping pong balls. 

The first team to get 3 red 3 blue 3 white

The first team to get 10 total 

The first team to get 5 of 2 colors

You are welcome to adjust the difficulty to see what works.

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Armor of God - Breastplate of Righteousness


Aug 16th Snowball Battle w/ Inflatables


Snowball battle is dodgeball but with snowballs. Split the room into 2 teams. Make a boundary for each team and some obstructions use inflatables. Once a person gets hit anywhere on their body including their head they are out. They must leave the battle zone and line up on the side. If you call jailbreak they can all go back in. A team wins will all the opposing players are knocked out. Once you win switch sides. Call jail break plenty of times during one round to make sure nobody is getting bored. You could play boys vs girls after you have a clear winning team. 

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Armor of God - Good News Shoes



Aug 17th Dock Games 

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Armor of God - Shield of Faith



Aug 18th Pool Noodle Polo


This game is exactly like field hockey but with pool noodles as your stick. Split the kids into teams of 15. The goal is to hit the ball into the opponent's goals. Have each team play each other, the team with the most goals wins.


You can do different variations you can separate into 4 teams and play 2 different games or play free for all with 4 goals. 

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Armor of God - The Sword of the Spirit



Aug 19th Giant Battleship/Balloon Volleyball

Separate the kids into 2 teams

Stretch a tarp across the room using the materials provided (Ladder, rope, and tarp). Have leaders stand on the ladders to referee.

Giant Battleship: 

Have kids pick a spot on the floor on their side of the tarp and sit down. Give each side a ball. Have them each take a turn throwing a ball over. If they hit someone they are out. Just like the battleship board game. 


Balloon Volleyball: 

Separate into 2 teams on each side of the barrier. Put anywhere from 3 to 7 balloons into play. If a balloon touches the ground at any time the opposite team scores a point. You can only hit the same ball once, you have to wait for someone else to hit it before you can hit it again. 

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