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How's the Kid-Min team doing? What's been taking place in kids ministry?  Find out more below.

In July we had lots of fun with the team at our kid-min BBQ. We had enough food to feed a small army even after the 130 people in attendance ate. We gave 3 prizes and had lots of other fun too. We enjoyed corn toss, inverted 9 square, and people meeting new people if you missed it we would love to see you out there next year!

 I'm sure you've noticed we graduated our kindergarten - 5th graders this month. Prior to graduation, we hit the streets with some 5th graders and put all their learned in kid-min into action with sharing the gospel. The 5th graders ministered to multiple people during their excursion, it was a blessing to see these kids minister the gospel to those in need!  

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See below for a brief overview of the May huddles.

(Attending 1 Huddle on your serving week for Sundays is mandatory)   

  • Serving from our overflow - We always want to being using the overflow or excess that God has provided us when we are serving. We can accomplish this by being intentional about drawing close to God in prayer, attending main service, and worshipping throughout our daily life. Serving is a blessing not a burden. Isaiah 40:31

  • Recruiting Pt. 1 - Solomon told us in having more people is better than having less people. In order to have a team you must have a group of people. Therefore we must follow the Jesus model of inviting others into joining the call of God which is to serve. There are 3 critical aspects to recruiting:

    • ​1. Church staff cant do it alone just like Jesus didn't build the church without the Apostles. 

    • 2. Serving is a blessing not a burden, do not give a plea of desperation. We're not a sinking ship, we're a sail boat and people are our sails. 

    • 3. Its a volume game, invite as many people as you can to join in the adventure. 

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Thank You Trent & Alex Webb!

   The Webbs have been apart of the kids ministry for over a year and during that time they have made their impact felt. Trent serves in the 3rd service and runs the media, while Alex serves in the Baby Bay. Trent has stepped up wherever needed, whether its teaching while we're away at kids camp or helping with an event they do a great job with seeing a need and resolving it. They do so well in fact they have decided to help the kids ministry grow by becoming pregnant! You will be great parents. Thank you for all you do!       

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Below you will find updated serving schedules.