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How's the Kid-Min team doing? What's been taking place in kids ministry?  Find out more below.

In April we had multiple room trainings in preparation for Resurrection Sunday, Spring Fest, and 4wks of Awesome. The trainings were focused on being prepared, and room management regarding each of these events. Specifically, what each persons role is within the events. We completed the website landing page for the 4 weeks of Awesome sermons and in-room activity for the team to have all the information in the same location. Resurrection Sunday and Spring Fest were the pinnacle of success because of the hard work, and commitment of the kid-min team. We exceeded our previous record attendance by 30%. Even though we vastly overshot our record attendance Kyle heard from many team members how easy the events were. This was due to your commitment and passion to minister the power of God towards these kids in an orderly and yet powerful manner. Kyle heard from the Lord that God was well pleased with the ministry that occured during those dates. Well Done!   

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See below for a brief overview of the Mar. huddles.

(Attending 1 Huddle on your serving week for Sundays is mandatory)   

  • Huddle Importanct and Impact - The huddle is designed to cast vision, annouce new events, and train on important room ministry protocols. Along with the practical side ofthe huddle, they are designed to help us set our minds on things above just before service in order to increase effectiveness. Acts 2:1

  • Know and prepare for the harvest - The first thing Jesus did when he was about to start His 3 year ministry was to fast for 40 days by spending time one on one with God. This was necessary to be prepared for the eternal impact His life had. Jesus life changed and so did ours because of the serving schedule was an all call for all team member for 2 weeks. This will require a decent amount of flexibility on our part and on our families. 1 Corn 9:19-22

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Thank You Semedia Goman!

   Semedia Goman stepped back into ministry over a year ago and she immediately made a big impact in the Toddler Reef. She served diligently during her time and she found other opportunities to serve because she was looking to fill a greater need than what she currently served. Not only did she fill all the needs she could, she took the team leader role for the Toddler Reef.         

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Below you will find updated serving schedules.