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What's up Kid-Min team? What has been taking place in kids ministry? Are we ready for Kid-Con? Find out more below.

June has been an excellent month of ministry. There were almost 30 kids baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. We had kids get healed of leg issues, wrist and ankle issues, and many other illnesses. We also added a few more people to the team as well as the LBC students are able to serve on Wednesdays again through summer, PRAISE GOD. We are gearing up for Kid-Con with most our our team signing up for (2) serving times during the 5 day conference Aug 16-20th. At the rate we are going we will have all our spots filled in the next few weeks! 

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See below for a brief overview of the June huddles.

(Attending (1) Huddle on your serving week for Sundays is mandatory)

  • Have you signed up for Kid-Con? Check the signup list in your room or with your Room Owner to find out where the gaps are.   

  • Back to the basics 3: We serve Jesus when we serve the kids (Matthew 25:40), what a great honor and privilige.  

  • Back to the basics 4: Reverence the Holy Spirit through worship which helps the kids be focused on heavenly things. (John 4:24)  

  • Kid-Con is coming up August 16th-20th (during the Days of Heaven conference).

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Thank You Hernandez Family! 

Martha, Sarai, Andrea, Kayla, Natalie, Danelly Hernandez have blessed kids ministry by diligently serve in nearly every room in kids ministry. They have blessed each room with nurturing love and care, while also being strong in the Lord. The hernandez family brings with them a suttle strength, and obvious zeal for walking after Jesus and His way. Thank you Hernandez family for how much you bless each and every one of us!   

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Below you will find updated serving schedules.

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